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Established in 1989 and recognized as a leading, independent tribal artefact and craft dealership in Cape Town, South Africa; we specialize in authentic, original pieces of traditional African artefacts and crafts. All our pieces are chosen by Harry Sitole, the owner of African Image.

Our clients include local and international collectors as well as local institutions such as the South African National Gallery and the Standard Bank Collection of African Art. As well as offering an extensive reference collection, that allows the prospective buyer to obtain information about the objects, we can offer advice and discuss your specific requirements.

Whether you are browsing in our shop in town or looking to acquire a serious piece of African art, we are sure that you will enjoy the experience of African Image.

About Harry

Harry is an artist with a passion and an eye for the wonder of African creativity. Harry has travelled extensively throughout Africa in search of unique expressions of this creativity and watches with interest how Africa’s diverse cultures adapt and move over time. He has collected a large sampling of the best artefacts and crafts from South Africa and from other parts of Africa that reflect the cosmopolitan and ever shifting, yet distinctively African nature of a continent that is constantly evolving. He loves to share the stories of the artists and artisans whose products he sells.

Made from recycled Plastic, Ghana/Mali/Nigeria.​

Contemporary Art





A: Corner of Burg and Church Street, CBD, Cape Town

T: (021) 423 8385


A: Watershed, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

T: (021) 824 2227




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