Cole & Son, the UK wallpaper company launches its Ardmore Collection. Halsted Design changes its name to Ardmore Design and launches the new Zambezi fabric collection. Ardmore Ceramic Art creates ceramic works inspired by these wallpaper and fabric design elements.​

Fée Halsted wins the women’s Mbokodo Award for her contribution to the arts in South Africa.​


After a two-year collaboration, the French luxury house Hermès launches of a series of silk scarves based on designs by Sydney Nyabeze. This was the first time any design house in South Africa has collaborated with the 179-year-old French company.

Ardmore celebrates its 30th Anniversary


Ardmore hosts a series of events in South Africa and abroad, to celebrate its 30thanniversary. Created for the Kalahari Cats collection, the Meerkat and Ostrichmasterwork urn was sculpted by Qiniso Mungwe and painted by Mthulisi Ncube.





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*Cape Originals is the registered

owner of the AVOOVA brand.

AVOOVA produces exquisitely hand-crafted décor and larger interior pieces, clothed in a seductive mantle of ostrich eggshell – one of the world’s most luxurious natural veneers.

Every one of the many hundreds or thousands of fragments of ostrich eggshell that adorn an AVOOVA piece will have begun the journey as hatched eggs gathered from the ostrich breeders of the Karoo region of South Africa. From fine jewellery to refined table tops, all of AVOOVA’s

It’s not just the allure of the ostrich eggshell or the designs and the quality of the workmanship that makes AVOOVA’s work so unique and appealing, it is the story.

A story of authenticity and ingenuity, of sustainability and social upliftment, of ancient materials and modern designs.

But, above all, it is a story about the people of Africa celebrating the beauty of nature.

creations pass through the skilled hands of its 50-plus artisans working at AVOOVA’s workshops deep in this remote and beautiful area.

A complex and intricate production process involving as many as 40 different steps marries this extraordinary material to all manner of items and mediums, transforming them all with its creamy, sensual warmth – a unique look that is the hallmark of every AVOOVA product.

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