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Michele Bestbier

Michele Bestbier is a gallerist, curator and art consultant. She was born in 1958 and matriculated in 1975 at Parktown Convent, JHB. She studied business skills for a year and then went onto Technicon JHB, where she studied art and design for 3 years.

1977 - 1979

Studied Art at Technicon JHB (3 years)

1980 - 1994

Worked in music, theatre and the film industry-including production and direction of live and filmed events.​


Table Bay Hotel. The PALACE did not contain one piece of SA artwork when it opened. During the construction of  the TABLE BAY hotel  in Cape Town, MB motivated that it showcase Cape artists and Cape culture. She then conceptualized and commissioned all artworks for the public areas, and purchased the balance from local artists for the executive suites. This totaled approximately 200 artworks which she framed, captioned & installed.

1996 - 1997

For the next two years MB worked with a number of hotels motivating buy into and support of our local Artist Industry. She teamed up with Phillipa Hobbs who became her mentor and friend to motivate this same model for corporate collections.


Motivating and sourcing Art for major CORPORATE collections; MTN, Sasol, RMB, Jag, SPL, Satour, Gold\uFB01elds, GPG, Altron, ArtBsnk, Pick n Pay, Times Media, Saambou, Unisa, EDI, ESPM, ABSA, etc.Also commissioned  projects to uplift communities e.g. SAN art for large Sun International Hotel projects, township art for Protea Group.


Created, commissioned and curated a Collection for the full HQ premises of DE BEERS, as well as for EDI and M&B Technology. Began evaluating, archiving and handling policy, strategic development, maintenance, guardianship, exhibitions, education, future acquisitioning.


Purchased Property for GALLERY @ 157 Jan Smuts Ave.Inspired Warren Siebrits and David Krut to open their galleries. This was the beginning of the ART MILE which still exists today, a number of galleries that show cutting edge art to the public.MB ran approximately 60 art exhibitions alternating empowerment projects with CELEBRATED artists, workshops, student shows. 2 galleries on the premises enabled this unique formula.​


Developed A R T  E V E N T S  which included celebrated musicians, chefs and other artists as added ingredients to the shows, and began exploring the concept of making art more accessible to the general public as well as the collectors.


Sourced and commissioned all the Art for the NEW premises of De Beers JHB and consulted for Kimberley and Namibia branches.


Sold Gallery@157


Water Film -  RENEWAL.​


Worked with various private collectors including: P Harris - New Contemporary Gallery - Ellerman House CT, and commissioned works.

Nash Collection  JHB, LNDN and IBISA. Put up 3 Exhibitions in Plettenberg Bay - (to explore and understand W Cape market.)


Returned to JHB to make ART F I L M S Co Opened Gallery on Sixth in Parktown.


Exhibition at Gallery 2, JHB - John Moore and Guy THESEN. Assessed ABSA vast collection for 3 months to REVISION  and direct into the new world. Exhibited J Moore and Thavhana at EVERARD REID in select space.


Offices of DEVELOPMENT BANK and variousprivate collections.



Michele Bestbier works directly with most of  leading artists in various capacity. She is also well known for supporting studios and schools that facilitate up and coming artists. Working laterally and conventionally she is very well positioned in terms of access and information; buying from and selling to A VAST CROSS SECTION OF Galleries, Collectors, Corporates, Studios, Private Collectors etc. thus having a wide and comprehensive spectrum of information of what The World of ART in SA  is doing  on all levels. MB also has an informed understanding of the dynamics of how large corporate ART COLLECTIONS can be utilized for CSI programming, Marketing and Education. The above describes a  meticulous network that enables recommendation of key people and other possible stake holders relevant to the creation of new VISION for managing varied fields of ART. 

Michele Bestbier CV


THE OLD RECTORY - Plettenberg Bay - is being renovated - a few steps from Hobi beach.
A selection of SA artists, including local artists will be featured in the boutique hotel. 
10 of Russell Scott's Botanical portraits form 'UNEARTHED' adorn the dining room walls; Nude portraits in a nocturnal setting - each photograph capturing the unique character of the indigenous plants; disrobed - exposing secret portents of their intimate personalities.​

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