Gavin Collins was born in Cape Town, South Africa on May 30th 1971, the son of a farmer and artist. Living on farms all his life, Gavin showed no interest in academic subjects but spent his days working with his hands, drawing and painting. When his talents became apparent at the age of 14, his parents supported him and at 16 allowed him to leave school and attend the Ruth Prowse School of Art.


Gavin had his first solo exhibition at the age of 14 and went on to become a top selling artist with a huge collector base worldwide, two of the bigger markets being in Ireland and the UK. Gavin has been painting for 30 years and has had numerous solo exhibitions and owned 4 of his own galleries. His present galleries are situated in the Clock Tower, V & A Waterfront and Church Street, Stellenbosch.

Gavin is without doubt a highy versatile artist having mastered all styles in oil painting. In the past years, the demand for his work has grown immensely and many of his Master Series paintings are sold directly to collectors on completion without being viewed by the public.

Gavin’s creativity has grown along with his passion for painting, adding stainless sculptures and designer furniture to his collection.

Due to his natural ability to understand things that most people would find complex or his ability to look at something and understand its process whether its engineering, mathematics or physics, combined with an undying passion to create has helped Gavin in other areas of business.

Gavin enjoys his constant inspiration for new work as his love for painting and creating is undying.

Gavin is also a keen photographer and has a passion for collecting the artworks of his fellow artists.

Cell: 072 3559652


Gavin Collins Gallery Stellenbosch Branch
36 Church Street
(021) 883 3018​

Gavin Collins Gallery Waterfront Branch
Shop G07, The Ground Floor
The Clock Tower
V & A Waterfront
(021) 418 0153​

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