Guy was born on 22nd June 1961 in Knysna, South Africa. He was educated at Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town where he received a Diploma in Graphic Design in 1986. After finishing university, Guy was a graphic designer for two years in Johannesburg before working in the Timbivati as a ranger at Ngala Game lodge, Mpumalanga.He and his wife returned to Knysna in 1990 to help run a family farm, Buffalo Valley Bush Lodges.He was Oakhill School’s founder art teacher (1992 – 1997) Since then he has been involved in local conservation ventures and now practices his art full time. Guy is married to Jo-Ann, and they have two sons, Leo and David.


About Guy


Acrylic on wood- 2017.


All physical life on earth is experiential and evolving, including not only our human bodies, but also our individual emotional and mental developments that have been forged over the past and will continue into the infinite future. 

We learn continually in our individual struggles with the ego's lower vibrational emotions, including survival, envy, hate and anger, but also in our higher divine emotions such as forgiveness, acceptance, love and harmony not only with oneself, but others as well.

2017 'Bridges' - National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
2015 'Last Writes' - National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
2013 'Breathe" - Knysna Fine Art
2013 'Contact' - National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
2012 'Family Seeds' - A virtual exhibition
2011 'Artefact' – Knysna Fine Art
2010 'Considering Therianthropes' - Origins Centre, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), Johannesburg
2009 'Considering Therianthropes' - Knysna Fine Art


Name:Guy Thesen

Tel:044 38711 11

Fax:086 671 6102

Mobile:083 486 5992

Postal Address:PO Box 576
South Africa

Physical Address:23 Lower Hill Street
Old Belvidere
South Africa

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