Juliet Goddard Morawski

About Me


Painting is my rush. It whisks me away to a place full of unlimited potential and beauty. I'm unabashedly addicted to beauty and I'm humbly grateful that I've been gifted with a talent to be able to create it through art.

I aim through my paintings to not only capture energy but magnify it, weather that be the powerful energy of a breaking wave or a place of peaceful serenity. Even with my portraits my goal is to capture a certain aura of that person. My subject matter is diverse. It's my method and technique that gives my oil paintings my signature style. This totally works for me as I would hate to be limited and categorised by what I paint as I see beauty in almost everything!
My paintings, if critically dissected, are mostly made up of almost crude asymmetrical shapes done in block colours. Through these shapes I'm able to achieve a sense of depth and movement, shadow and light which then translate into a fluidity leading to detail and the 'big picture'. 

My inspiration is life all around me and I particularly like to paint people in an outdoorsy, natural environment. A condition I have, synaesthesia, also I'm sure plays a fundamental role in my artistic endeavours. The artists I admire the most are Edvard Munch, Marc Chagall and Frida Kahlo.

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