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Quintin was born in 1970 and has grown up in Cape Town, surrounded and inspired by the rich beauty of mountains, sky and sea. Quintin enjoyed art as a child and won a National award at the age of eight. After his schooling, during which time he took extra curricular art lessons, he studied graphic art at The Foundation School of Art, and Hirt & Carter. While looking for work in this field 20 years ago, Quintin began painting and has been doing so professionally ever since. In terms of his art, Quintin is largely self-taught.

Quintin paints land and seascapes and abstracts, using his preferred medium of acrylics. He has a wide variety of work, with a broad ability to render different styles within his personal methods and inventions. His use of colour, texture and subject matter evoke a refreshing sense of peace.

I am instinctively pulled in by landscape, because I feel it says what needs to be said. Landscape and the natural environment are the unconditional setting against which our lives are supported, shaped and reflected, this is an unmerited gift to us. I believe that landscape is speaking a language of its own and I am inspired to give it expression.

Quintin has exhibited in many galleries in and around Cape Town, Johannesburg, and as far afield as Perth, Australia. He has held a number of solo exhibitions over the years and produced a wide range of works, which have been sold to clients from all over the world.

Currently Quintin has work exhibited in galleries in Cape Town, South Africa, and Ireland.

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