Despite the modern nature of our facilities and our progressive approach to winemaking, Saronsberg is an inextricable part of the deep history of the Tulbagh valley. The valley is flanked on all sides by mountains in the Upper Breede River Valley and is unique in its topography and natural beauty.

During the night of 29 September 1969 most of the picturesque little town and surrounding area was partly destroyed by the most destructive earthquake in South African history.

The occasional tremour can still be felt underfoot throughout the valley and it is in this distinctive terroir with its underestimated potential that Saronsberg has proven the region’s capacity for producing outstanding wines.

Saronsberg originally formed part of the iconic and historical Twee Jonge Gezellen and consists of two parts formerly known as Waveren and Welgegund (also referred to by locals as ‘Die Erf’), the latter lying on the western slope of Saronsberg, the mountain after which the farm was named, and which spectacularly dominates the view from the cellar. Parts of the farm are distinctly different in terroir, with broad disparateness in altitude, aspect, soil type and temperature, producing grapes with contrasting characteristics.

In February 2002 a huge part of the farm was destroyed by a devastating fire and this led to the establishing of new vineyards under the watchful eye of newly appointed winemaker Dewaldt Heyns.

Saronsberg’s winemaking officially began on 25 January 2004 with the pressing of our first Sauvignon Blanc grapes.We are currently establishing fruit and olive orchards on the more fertile soils, and in 2009 the first vintage of Saronsberg olive oil was pressed.


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