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slee & co. architects (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1986 by principal partner & director Johann Slee. Initially based in Johannesburg the office relocated to Stellenbosch eleven years ago in a studio in the historical Dorp Street. This studio, a historical infill project, located at 103 Dorp Street, was awarded a 2011 Cape Institute of Architecture Award for Architecture. The philosophy behind our design is to incorporate and respect the diverse aspirations and heritages of our clients; to learn from advanced technologies and to create a vernacular architecture, embracing our unique people, skills, climate and space.Our architectural palette has its origin in the earth - muted earth colours, textured finishes reflecting abundant sunlight. Our built structures reflect simplicity and honesty, echoing the vernacular of local built forms. Our expertise lies in residential spaces, holiday homes and lodges, and selective commercial work that falls into our design philosophy.Over the past quarter century we have specialized in high-end residential projects and has extensive experience with the complexities of design and also the layering of intricate services and structural elements. We apply and feel very strongly about the first basic principles of sustainability: to create buildings that respond favourably to their surroundings, the weather and the materials used for construction. Our designs allow for managing heat gain and heat loss by choosing the correct materials, and also managing the sun and the wind, thereby creating energy effective buildings. Alternative incorporated systems include: heat exchangers and solar heating to create green buildings.We are experienced in dealing with all Heritage Organisations and regulations due to our work on historical buildings in Stellenbosch and we are also equipped to do projects far afield. Our creative practice consists of a small, effective and highly experienced core team and we appoint outsource services when and if necessary.


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